How the Lumos Tower could change your life! 

The Lumos Tower. Lighting the Way. 

Two years ago, we added a new product to our exhibitions accessories; the Lumos Tower, an illuminated display system designed for showrooms, exhibition stands, events and retail outlets. Along with a selection of other new products in our range we showed it off at a Business Growth Show in Manchester for the first time. 
Visitors to the event seemed to be drawn to the tower like moths to a lightbulb, so we were very busy, and suggestions for its use ranged from lighting the way in large reception areas to helping autistic children in a sensory room. As the tower was relatively new to the market many people will remember us from that show simply because of it. 
Towards the end of the day, a lovely gentleman from Manchester popped along to visit our stand and he was very excited about the Lumos! He had rather questionable dress sense but, hey, who am I to judge, I wear pink and I like Hello Kitty, and he wore a t-shirt with a tuxedo printed on it. I'd never seen anyone actually dress like that in public but it certainly suited him. He told us about his wife's amazing artwork and hung around chatting for a while, saying how much he liked the tower and what a great product it was but he couldn't think of anything he'd actually use it for. I remember thinking "what a nice man but who let him out dressed like that?" I resolved to stay in touch with him and follow up after the show. 
Before I had chance to do my compulsory post-show follow-ups, I was dragged along to a networking event in Leamington Spa. Not knowing much about what to expect and being a little nervous (I'm an introvert, networking used to be a terrifying prospect for me) to say the least, I saw a t-shirt I recognised and heard a Mancunian accent attached to it. I recognised the owner of the shirt and accent as 'Nice Manchester Man with Odd Dress Sense' and I introduced myself to him. I asked if he remembered me and he said no. So I asked if he remembered my Lumos Tower and then his eyes lit up - just like the tower! He may not have paid any attention to me at the even after all, but he did remember the tower. Oh well, gotta be remembered for something! Nice Manchester Man with Odd Dress Sense turned out to be none other than Kirk Pickstone, the International Dyslexic Superhero and all round great bloke. Kirk is a speaker, trainer, consultant and Radio Warwickshire presenter and his career is going from strength to strength. This guy is going global! 
I became a regular at that networking event and eventually took over from Kirk as Group Leader (although he has stayed on as Area Leader) and he is now the proud owner of his very own Lumos Tower! Kirk has become one of the best people I know, a close friend and someone I trust implicitly. I love being part of Kirk's team and his wife Sandra, who owns, has produced some amazing artwork for us that graces the wall of the office, as well as a custom made vase for my birthday last year. Kirk never misses a chance to recommend our services to his contacts and we now also advertise on his radio show on Tuesday mornings. 
If it hadn't been for the Lumos Tower, I may not have met this inspirational man and, as well as producing a Lumos Tower for him to carry around with him wherever he speaks in public, I have been lucky enough to be chosen as his designer. Along other projects, I produced the logo for his Dyslexic Superhero persona and have even designed some more 'dodgy' t-shirts for him! 
So, if you have a Lumos Tower, get it out, carry it around with you, take it to networking events, put it in your office or reception area, stick it in your shop, put it on your doorstep. Anywhere! If you don't have one, ask me about getting one, you just never know who you could meet! 
Kirk Pickstone presents the Country Music show every Monday at 6pm to 8pm on Radio Warwickshire and the Business Show every Tuesday morning at 10am. 
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